Here at Sachins, we’re not just your average curry house. We like to think that the quality of our food and our flair for creative touches helps to set us apart from the crowd when it comes to quality Punjabi dishes.

We’re truly proud to stand out from the legions of other Punjabi restaurants serving up hearty classics across the region. It has to be said that our signature dishes certainly go a long way towards earning Sachins its status as Newcastle upon Tyne’s most iconic and well-loved Punjabi restaurant.

Don’t just go with what you know!

We know, we know. It can be all too easy to play it safe and opt for your usual go-to curry when you’re eating out, whether that’s a korma, a madras, a bhuna, or anything in between.

Straying from your comfort zone does, however, have its rewards. Here at Sachins, we’d urge you not to simply ‘go with what you know’, but to sample some of our more unique, characterful dishes instead. So, in the spirit of trying new things, we’d like to take some timeout today to unpack a few of our signature Sachins dishes, to show you what the fuss really is all about when it comes to our most iconic fare.

Kick your meal off with our signature Sachins Tandoori

This dish has been a stalwart Sachins favourite for almost forty years!

Our signature Sachins Tandoori is the perfect option to get things started and is recommended as the perfect portion size for two people to share before your main dishes.

Order our Tandoori and you’ll be astounded by the fantastic variety of our five different delights, comprising tender meats, charred veggies and succulent prawns. Everything in this dish is lovingly marinated in our signature spice blend before being cooked to perfection in the tandoor oven and served up to you on a sizzling hot plate.

If you’re looking to ditch the failsafe onion bhajis and switch things up a bit, this is the starter for you. Trust us, it’s a knockout.

Sachins Tandoori with chutney and raita on the side

Indulge in our Angel of the North

Tried, tested and tried again, our Angel of the North never fails to delight friends old and new.

Packed out with juicy king prawns, our Angel of the North is a bespoke Sachins dish that can’t be found anywhere else other than between the hallowed walls of our iconic Forth Banks restaurant.

Our fresh and meaty king prawns are lovingly marinated in our signature blend of aromatic spices, before being cooked to perfection in a rustic onion and tomato-based sauce. This stalwart dish is complemented by fresh spinach, coriander and ginger. The finishing touch? An edible silver leaf, of course.

It’s no secret that our Angel of the North is one of the most tantalising dishes offered on our carefully curated menu, and we’d urge you to try it out next time you’re feeling adventurous.

king prawns in curry sauce with coriander garnish

Raise the game with our ultra-spicy The Dish Formerly Known as Jalfrezi

This is Jalfrezi, but not as you know it. We’ve taken this well-known curry dish, originally hailing from Bengal, and given it the tried and true Sachins edge.

This searing hot dish is composed of soft strips of juicy chicken cooked to tender perfection in an incredibly spicy sauce lovingly crafted from green chillies and lashings of fresh coriander.

The Dish Formerly Known as Jalfrezi plays upon bold, fresh flavours and is most certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking to raise the game and take your meal up a notch, this one’s for you.

spicy green jalfrezi curry

Delight your taste buds with our creamy Nilgiri Gosht

A South Indian staple and a Sachins speciality, it’s time to introduce our signature Nilgiri Gosht.

This dish is so well-loved that Portofolio North featured Head Chef Bob’s very own signature Nilgiri Goshat recipe so that fans of this stalwart special can have a crack at cooking it for themselves at home!

It goes without saying that this special Sachins dish is a firm favourite on our carefully tailored menu, and is a surefire for all those who favour aromatic spices and the sublime taste of sweet and creamy fresh coconut.

Composed of succulent, diced lamb lovingly and meticulously simmered in a blend of signature South Indian spices, our Nilgiri Gosht makes use of key ingredients such as mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves and fresh coconut.

If you’re a fan of melt-in-the-mouth lamb cooked to tender perfection in a medium-spice, fragrant sauce, this one is for you.

nilgiri gosht curry

Float away to veggie heaven with our sumptuous Daal Makhani

If you’re looking to spice things up with your plant-based fare, our trademark Daal Makhani is a perfect choice.

Did you know that makhani translates as ‘buttery’? Well, now you do. Our Daal Makhani certainly holds true to its name and is loaded up with lashings of creamy butter, making it incredibly velvety and perfectly rich in flavour.

This classic North Indian dish is made here at Sachins with black lentils, spices, garlic, ginger, tomato, a touch of cream and, of course, the all-important butter. The lentils are simmered along with their accompaniments overnight, making for a rich, flavourful sauce. It’s truly one of the most beloved lentil dishes heralding from the Punjab region, and Head Chef Bob was delighted to perfect this traditional Punjabi dish and include it in our carefully curated menu.

Daal Makhani

Feeling inspired to try something different? Book a table with us today and come along to sample our signature dishes.


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