By the time you get to read this review the chances are that the car I’m driving may have already sold out. The reason for this being Bentley are only making 710 Supersports so if you are lucky enough, I would dash to the Silverlink and order your one straight away.

The original Supersport was launched in 2009 and all 1800 cars sold very quickly. Buyers have been pestering Bentley to bring another one to the market and thankfully, they have listened.

The car I drove was white with some very sexy looking stripes on the bonnet and very impressive looking black alloy wheels. Opting for the X Specification pack gives you two-toned paintwork and tri-toned interior trim options.

The Mulliner department are always there to satisfy their clients expectations and owners exacting needs, especially when money is no object. Before you even drive the car it looks extremely sporty indeed, even at standstill.

The new look bumpers and carbon fibre splitter at the front and the diffuser at the rear just highlight the cars sporty intentions. A rear spoiler can be fitted to the coupé just to give the car a more sporty look and feel, add to this the smoked lights and you really have one hell of a sporty looking Bentley!

I’m sure W.O Bentley would approve of this beauty as would the original Bentley Boys of yesteryear.

Starting the car, it just sounds so unbelievable.  Follow this with a blipping the throttle and the engine just sounds amazing. The Supersport costs £43,600 more than the GT Speed you will get change out of £215,000, just! You may think is any car worth an extra £44k over the already quick GT Speed? Well in a nutshell, most definitely YES!  Considering the car weighs over 2.2 tonnes it’s is scarily quick.

Bentley have managed to shave 40kg off the Supersports weight by adding carbon ceramic brakes and a titanium exhaust along with 21 inch forged alloy wheels. I can only liken the performance to an Italian sports car as it really has the performance and the comfort that you just don’t get in a run-of-the-mill sporty vehicle.

Planting your right foot down on the throttle gives you a ferocious performance, 60 mph arrives in 3.5 seconds and it hits 100 mph in an impressive 7.2 seconds. The 0-100 mph time is 1.7 seconds quicker than the previous Supersport and for anyone interested, the cars top speed is 209 mph and it actually returned 18 mpg, even with my lead right foot!

Considering just how heavy the car is, its performance is beyond belief and its safety aids just make an average motorist feel like a formula one driver.

The chassis has been carried over from the Speed version and it rides 10mm lower than the standard Continental GT.

Due to the extra performance of the car it needs stiffer springs and anti-roll bars. It also features a new exhaust system and intakes, larger turbochargers and a revised air cooling system is also required for the extra 79 bhp increase over the previous Supersport. The only thing this car has in common with the rest of the Continental range is the 8-speed gearbox.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these stunning vehicles you must downshift the car at speed because the pops and crackles from the four exhaust pipes just make you smile every time, well it did me anyway! The Supersport retains the Continentals four-wheel drive system with 60% of its torque allocated to the rear wheels. But it also adopts the torque vectoring technology previously seen on the Bentley GT3.

It can brake individually on the front and rear wheels to assist with hard acceleration coming out of corners with the inside rear wheel to aid its turn.  As with all Bentleys, the car’s interior is exquisite, from the beautiful leather to the carbon fibre on the dash. It just exudes quality especially the thick pile carpet and the beautiful stitching on the seats.  The workmanship just can’t be knocked at all.

The front seats are the sporty bucket variety and the car has rear seats instead of roll bars! If you are one of the lucky 710 buyers, you are in for a real treat as this motor is worth every penny of the £212,500 asking price and although it’s a fair chunk of cash, I’m sure, in time it will actually appreciate in value.

Car supplied by Bentley Newcastle.