Five staple Punjabi dishes

Ah, Punjab, the land of abundance. Fertile agricultural lands, vibrant people and a revered food culture make this northern Indian state entirely unique. The culinary practices of this beautiful land are simple and rustic. But don’t let this simplicity of technique fool you, for the dishes of Punjab are known for their exceptionally complex and […]


Bob’s top tips for 24 hours in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside

Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, heralded as a veritable hotbed of iconic architecture, first-class food and oodles of culture. But if you only had 24 hours to spare, how best should you spend them? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today. We’ve been chatting […]


Tracing the history of the beloved nan bread

close up of plate of naan bread

Nan, or Naan, bread is now an integral part of Indian cuisine, perfect for mopping up the delicious leftover sauce. But where did the unique flatbread come from? Thought to be named after the Persian word for bread, naan breads can be leavened or unleavened and are often flavoured with herbs and spices such as […]


A brief history of Indian food in the UK

A collection of indian food on a table -- tomato based curries, rice, vegetables...

The UK is a real melting pot when it comes to food culture. Ultimately, however, no cuisine has stolen the heart of foodies across the nation quite like that of the Indian subcontinent. Let’s face it, you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who isn’t partial to a good curry here in the UK. But where […]


Why choose Sachins for the best curry in Newcastle?

Tyne Bridge Newcastle at night

Here at Sachins, we have been holding down the fort as Newcastle’s most loved Indian restaurant for over 39 years. From sizzling tandoori to creamy, exquisitely spiced curry, Sachins is the spot for authentic Punjabi food in all of its glory.  Located on the historic Forth Banks in the centre of the vibrant city of […]


What constitutes authentic Punjabi food?

spices and aromatics

Punjabi cuisine may be the most popular culinary strand of Indian food consumed in the UK, but how many of us really know how to define Punjabi food?  You’ve likely heard the word ‘Punjabi’ many times, but perhaps have never really been sure what it means in relation to the vastly broad spectrum of Indian […]


Exploring the spices at the heart of Punjabi cuisine


The history of Punjabi cuisine is vast and diverse, spanning many centuries and impacted by a complex network of intermingling forces. The colourful tale of Punjabi food is truly a saga of heritage, history and culture, and varies vastly even within the parameters of the state. At the heart of it all, however, lies the […]


Dine by the Tyne

Bob Arora served centre table at the unbelievable Dine by the Tyne; a sky table raised 100ft in the air by the River Tyne. Local foodies from across the North East got experimental with their dining experience, having Bob serve their delicious meal to them, 100 feet in the air. The breath-taking views of the […]


Sachins’ 35th birthday

Over 200 regular diners and guests celebrated the 35th birthday for Sachins Punjabi Restaurant on March 10th 2019. Owner Bob Arora treated guests to a drinks reception and sumptuous array of Punjabi canapés whilst musical entertainment was provided throughout the evening. Bob said:  “Sachins has been my passion now for 18 years, yet I was […]