Bob Arora

Head chef Bob Arora not only controls the kitchen but also owns the restaurant, so you know each dish he prepares is made with the upmost attention to detail. He can often be found out and about demonstrating the traditional methods of cooking which have seen Sachins become Newcastle’s favourite Punjabi and Indian restaurant. All food is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients to give you an individual experience. Renowned for their delicate and precise use of ground herbs and spices, Sachins has earned and built its reputation for producing the finest Punjabi cuisine.

“We are extremely proud of the food we serve at Sachins restaurant. There is nothing artificial about our food, we don’t use crazy-hot spices or extra colouring in our dishes and all our spices are roasted and ground right here on the premises. Our reds come from chillies, our yellows from turmeric and so on.”

– Bob Arora, Head Chef and owner of Sachins