North East Times

“Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the restaurant offers such delicacies as Bateer Tandoori, Quails marinated in spices and barbequed in the tandoor and served on a sizzling bed of onions and Chingiri Makhani, a speciality from the tandoor consisting of King Prawns marinated in Punjabi spices, barbecued, tossed in butter and served with sauce and garnished with edible silver leaf. While Dinesh’s signature dish – the Jalfrezi will make your mouth water with its use of all the original ingredients but the slight change of the cooking method makes the flavours taste so different. The menu boasts a splendid array of the most exotic and enticing Punjabi dishes, individually prepared for you by one of the top Punjabi chefs in Britain.”

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Lifestyle Magazine

“The success of Sachins shows no signs of wavering as diner after diner come through the doors to experience what this special restaurant has to offer. The new refurbishment will delight new and old guests alike and is the perfect environment to enjoy authentic Punjabi food, traditionally cooked. Next time you fancy Indian food, forget the ping of the microwave blasting your supermarket curry to death and get yourself down to Sachins, after all, 25 years of loyal customers can’t be wrong! – A word of warning though; make sure you book a table, as thinking you can just walk in and definitely get a table may leave you back at the supermarket queue buying a plastic curry!”

Geoff Laws, The Journal

“Choices were made, G&Ts were drunk and seats were taken. Our first courses of Seekh kebab, minced lamb barbecued in the tandoor, and Machhi Tandoori, monkfish similarly cooked arrived and we tucked in. The rolls of lamb didn’t appeal much to the eye, but the taste and texture more than compensated. The monkfish was in a class of its own. Skewer-cooked, the chef had spiced it just enough to give flavour sizzle without overwhelming the juicy chunks of meaty fish.”

Gordon Barr, The Evening Chronicle

“We dined at Sachins on Tuesday night and it was bustling. It’s easy to see why. Despite the changes made, it has retained that specialness that sets it apart from the masses.”

Roopa Gulati, The Independent

“This homely spot skewers some great kebabs and rolls out the lightest of breads. Sachins’ tandoori platter is not to be missed – five different kebabs are marinated, meatily juicy and taken to tables straight from the smoky clay tandoor.”

Newcastle Eats

“Sachins is not just another Indian restaurant and even the most discerning diners can have a unique opportunity to sample the very finest Punjabi foods in a fresh and invigorating environment.”

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Northern Insight

“Sachins offers first-rate modern Punjabi food. As a self-confessed curry addict, I had been waiting for years to visit the restaurant, and after a couple of amazing curries, I can safely say it certainly lived up to its reputation and expectations.”

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