Bob Arora has recently visited a number of schools in the local area, showing the pupils how easy it is to recreate authentic Indian dishes, including their takeaway favourites, at home.

The pupils were able to observe Bob at work, talking through the provenance and creation of a traditional dish, before trying their hand at cooking for themselves. They were allowed to sample the delicious results of his work, enabling them to make something new and exciting for their dinners.

The children, from George Stephenson High School, even named their own dish; ‘The George Stephenson Curry’, similar to a Tikka Masala but with a few extra ingredients, was an original creation.

Bob thoroughly enjoys these school sessions, and is keen to do more whenever the opportunity presents itself:

“I think it’s very important to try and get young people excited about cooking. These days there’s a lot of concern over obesity in their age group, and excessive reliance on fast food and takeaways is often to blame.”

“All of the students are great to work with – they ask interesting questions and we have some excellent discussions. Some of them proved to have a natural talent for the task at hand when we began cooking – I was worried for my job at times!”