A quick guide to vegan Indian food

Image showing a Punjabi curry presented in a dish alongside a variety of Indian spices and aromatics.

It’s time to take a delicious dive into the vibrant and diverse world of vegan Indian food. In this blog post, we’ll be delving into the heart of the plant-based culinary traditions that take centre stage in traditional North Indian and Punjabi cuisine, uncovering the tantalising array of vegan delights that grace the tables of […]


How to eat Indian food the traditional way

Indian woman eats meal with hands

As is true for many different culinary cultures around the world, the dining etiquette that surrounds the way you eat your food is very important in India. Allow your mind to drift to thoughts of delicious Indian food for a moment. Picture the vibrant colours, imagine the sumptuous tastes and the fragrant aromas drifting up […]


Tracing the history of the beloved nan bread

close up of plate of naan bread

Nan, or Naan, bread is now an integral part of Indian cuisine, perfect for mopping up the delicious leftover sauce. But where did the unique flatbread come from? Thought to be named after the Persian word for bread, naan breads can be leavened or unleavened and are often flavoured with herbs and spices such as […]


A brief history of Indian food in the UK

A collection of indian food on a table -- tomato based curries, rice, vegetables...

The UK is a real melting pot when it comes to food culture. Ultimately, however, no cuisine has stolen the heart of foodies across the nation quite like that of the Indian subcontinent. Let’s face it, you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who isn’t partial to a good curry here in the UK. But where […]