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Sachins 3 Course Menu £35.00 for 2 persons

Heat and Eat

Please choose one dish each

Mushroom Tikka 
Button mushrooms marinated in sachins special blend of spices and
cooked in the tandoor. Allergies Dairy

Onion Pakora
Fresh onion and spinach marinated in punjabi spices, coated in gram
flour and shallow fried. Allergies None

Chicken Pakora
Pieces of chicken marinated in punjabi spices and coated in a gram
flour batter, deep fried. Allergies None

Chicken Tikka 2 Ways
Chicken marinated in two different ways in punjabi spices, with
yogurt, fresh lemon, chillies, and barbecued in the tandoor, ideal warmed up on the
barbecue. Allergies Dairy

Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb marinated in spices with fresh garlic, ginger, chillies and
fresh coriander barbecued in the tandoor.
Allergies Nuts

Amritsari Fish
Pieces of haddock marinated in delicate punjabi spices, coated in gram
flour, shallow fried and served crispy. Allergies Gluten

Chingri Tandoori
King Prawns marinated in dry punjabi spices and marinated with freshgarlic, ginger and chilli cooked in the heart of the tandoor.
Allergies Dairy £2.50 additional charge per person

Mains –
Please choose one dish each

Murgh Malabar 
Diced chicken cooked in south indian spices with fresh curry leaves,
mustard seeds, chilli flakes and coconut milk.
Allergies – None, Medium Spice

Chicken Kashmiri
Diced chicken slow cooked in a onion and tomato based sauce full of
kashmiri spices, this classic rustic dish is full of flavour.Allergies – None, Medium Spice

The dish formerly known as Jalfrezi
Pieces of chicken cooked in a hot green chilli and
fresh coriander based sauce, this green coloured dis- h is full of flavour and extremely
spicy. This dish is not to be confused with the Jalfrezi we supply to Local & Gosforth
Traders, Allergies None – Very Very Spicy

Lamb Lababdar 
Diced lamb marinated in Punjabi spices and cooked in a tomato and
onion based sauce with a touch of butter and cream.
Allergies – Dairy, Medium Spice

Lamb Rogan Josh 
Diced lamb cooked in punjabi spices with tomatoes, a touch of
cream, fresh coriander and chilli oil. Allergies – Dairy, Medium Spice

Angel of the North 
Marinated king prawns cooked with fresh ginger, coriander and
spinach. This is a real superfood dish.
Allergies Dairy, Medium Spice £2.50 additional charge per person

Sachins Daal 
A firm favourite on our menu for over 37 years. Mixed split black lentils and
shiny yellow lentils cooked in butter with fresh ginger and coriander. Allergies Dairy,
Medium Spice

Fresh Okra ( ladies fingers ) cooked with punjabi spices and served dry.
Allergies None, Medium Spice & Vegan

Masala Chips are now available as a side order
Potato fries coated in our secret sachins spices £2.95

Please choose one each

Pillau Rice
Basmati rice cooked with onions & cumin.
Allergies – None, Vegan

Mushroom Pillau
Basmati Rice cooked with garlic, ginger, mushrooms and spring onions.
Allergies – None, Vegan

Please choose one to tear and share

Peshwari Nan
Unleavened bread stuffed with dry fruit and nuts cooked in the tandoor.
Allergies – Dairy, Nuts, Gluten

Garlic & Chilli Nan
Unleavened bread topped with fresh garlic and baked in the tandoor.
Allergies Dairy, Gluten

Aloo Kulcha
Unleavened bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and cooked in the tandoor.
Allergies- Dairy, Gluten

Keema Nan
Unleavened bread stuffed with minced lamb and cooked in the tandoor.
Allergies – Dairy, Gluten

Tandoori Roti
Wheat dough baked in the tandoor.
Allergies – Gluten, Vegan

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