Our iconic Punjabi restaurant has undergone an exciting transformation…

If you’ve popped in to dine with us recently, we’re sure you will have noticed that our restaurant has had a little spruce up in the form of an exciting series of colourful murals, created by the North East born-and-bred designer Beth Travers of BOBO1325.

These beautiful murals have re-energised our interiors, and bring an exciting new feel to the restaurant. With Beth’s incredible artwork emblazoned across the walls, dining with us has taken on an immersive quality, and we’re so excited to share her wonderful work with our beloved customers. After Beth completed the murals for the space, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to sit down and chat about her process including her inspiration for the project and to find out a little bit more about her award-winning design house, BOBO1325. In today’s blog post, we’re delighted to share the interview with you here in full…

Can you tell us more about BOBO1325?

BOB01325 is a multi-award-winning Northern design house, inspired by the social consciousness and the world around us. We pride ourselves on offering a range of design collections and bespoke design services to bring into existence designs that are both provocative and captivating; to deliver wallpapers, fabrics, and luxurious home accessories that encapsulate your interior spaces. Of course, everything is designed and manufactured in the North of England.

I would describe my design style as ‘avant-garde nonsense!’ Put simply, I’ll go left when everyone else goes right, and I’m heavily inspired by nature and the obscure. One of my first steps when it comes to designing is to hunt down the mavericks and the ‘weird’ history and immerse myself amongst them, because those stories are much more fascinating to me. The impetus of my design collections is often a lamination of thoughts and dreams; provocative, captivating, rich in symbolism and infectious eccentricity.

With my work I want to transcend the boundaries of what is considered the ‘norm’, drawing you in until you get lost amongst the intoxicating depths, seeking to discover, decipher and question. It’s a world that’s raw yet poetic, bringing bittersweet out-of-focus romanticism, mischief, whimsy and rebellion to the forefront. With everything I do, I want to create a freefall into the depths, evoking a kaleidoscope of memories, dreams and emotions.


What is your connection to the North East? 

I grew up in Sunderland, and being able to work on projects across the North East (as well as winning awards for some of those projects!) is really special for me. Our region is full of creators and innovators and it’s a privilege to be able to shine a light and be amongst them. Especially with all of the upcoming plans for the North East, I really think that we’re doing our own ‘levelling up’ so to speak. The North will forever be my home, and Sunderland is the place I return to when I need the sea.

What was the inspiration behind Sachins’ new look?

In short, Bob! It’s always incredibly humbling to be invited into a culture that is not my own and discover the symbolism, superstitions and meanings, and that process of discovery is an integral part of my design process. It was a joy to sit down with Bob and hear his stories and talk about what he wanted to do for Sachins, and I’m so grateful to the clients and customers who let me in and sit down with me over a brew (in this case curry!) to tell me their stories. After all, these stories often form the bare bones of the designs, so after chatting with Bob I was able to go away and compose a brief that defines the identity of Sachins, coming up with something special to curate their space and their story.

I wanted to create a journey for Sachins, creating something that you can almost walk among. Entering the bar area you begin at sunrise, and as you journey through the restaurant it’s almost like you cross the grassy plains of the mural to enter the rainforest just in time for sunset, and then on to the moonlit waters at the booth seating. It’s a journey of escapism.


Can you give us an insight into the design process?

Tequila and music! Before every new design, I shoot tequila much like smashing a bottle of booze against a ship for its maiden voyage! As much as I hate this heavily overused quip of going on a journey when you create, it’s true – when you begin a new piece of art or a design collection you really are going on a journey. You become it, it’s addictive. You open yourself up to be vulnerable, to pull something from your very soul to create.

Everything is hand drawn and painted, and before I get stuck into it the starting point after writing the design brief is to carry out research, especially when it comes to the botanicals I’m using, so taking a look at what grows in the region, and if there is any symbolism attached. I have to ask myself, what do I want to say and encourage customers to feel? It’s the story my way: creative liberty and cultural richness in flora and fauna.

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